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The best dishes for postpartum recovery are warming, hydrating, nutrient dense, and easily digestible. To facilitate accelerated healing during the first two weeks postpartum, we typically stick to dishes like oatmeal, porridge, kitchari, congee, fruit compote, shakshuka, soup, stew, chili, polenta, and risotto. During weeks three through six, we progressively incorporate dishes like fried rice, noodle stir fry, pasta, frittata, open faced tartines, grain bowls, stuffed peppers, and collard green rolls.

Our postpartum meal plans are completely customizable with regard to menu, food acquisition, and preparation. We will meet to discuss your dietary preferences, nutritional goals, schedule, and budget.

Based on this information, we will create a 6-week whole foods, plant-based meal plan to support your recovery and boost lactation, if desired. In addition to meals, broths and herbal teas/infusions will be included in the program.